LHL closes the first half of the season with a bang! Time for a recap of the first half of the season!

12 December 2021

Puckers Luxembourg

Created by Federation Luxembourgeoise de Hockey sur Glace

The Luxembourg Hockey League has been an absolute blockbuster in its opening season so far! We've now reached the half-time of the inaugural season, so it's time to look back at what happened.
In the Division 1, the Puckers Luxembourg are currently leading the standings with two victories in two games, followed by the Tornado Luxembourg (2nd) and the Beaufort Knights (3rd). The Tornados and the Knights put on a real show last night for the last game before the season break. With 680 fans in attendance for the long awaited derby and a game that turned into an absolute thriller, the night was stuffed with entertainment and energy. The Knights had a 1-2 lead, but within the last 10 minutes, the Tornados managed to turn the game around to secure a 3-2 victory. It couldn't have gotten more exciting, and there couldn't have been a better night for the entire hockey community in Luxembourg. The many fans in attendance from all corners of the country got what they deserved so badly: An absolutely mindblowing game and loads of action! Watch the full game again here. The return game in Beaufort awaits us in early 2022, so make sure to not miss this! Also coming up in early 2022: The big back-to-back clash between the Knights and the Puckers! The newly promoted Huskies will now also join the race and look to upset the other teams. With all teams still in the race for the title, it's going to be exciting to see who will take the championship this year!
In the Division 2, many beautiful stories were written as well. Until the last gameday, 3 teams could still have been promoted to the first division, but it was the Huskies who sealed the deal by finishing their first half of the season without a single defeat. They will now be promoted to the first Division, where they will now play the rest of their games. From the remaining teams, let's see who will finish atop the Division 2 rankings, as everything is still possible. The Cool Puckers, Beaufort Knights 2, as well as the Silverbacks, are still in the race for the divisional title. We're looking also forward to see whether the Tornado Women can grab their first win!
One thing is sure though. The biggest winner of the season so far is the hockey community in Luxembourg. In the history of Luxembourgish hockey, there has never been this much competition, excitment and combined effort by so many teams, players, volunteers, sponsors and fans. This is just beautiful to witness, but there's even more to come!
The teams will now enter the holiday break where they will have time to prepare for the second half of the LHL season, which will start early January!
The schedule will be released soon, so stay tuned!

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